ESG Training Programs

ESG Lab & Society

To raise and accelerate awareness among organizations about ESG-related matters, ESG Lab & Society offers training programs specifically created for Board members and CEOs to increase their skills on these essential matters.

Only 11% of Board members consider their company’s strategy about climate-related issues to be “good” or “very good” (based on a 2019 survey by Carbone 4 and IFA (French Institute of Board Members) with 256 participants).

Board Members and leaders of organizations should undoubtedly increase their skills in the fields of climate change, low carbon emission and social and governance issues in order to include them in their business strategy.

  • Tailor-made programs for Board members and senior executives to increase their knowledge about ESG-related topics (climate, biodiversity)
  • Program co-built with the client (objective, format, number of attendees, participants, place).

Become a Member

All stakeholders in the ESG ecosystem can become Members of ESG Lab & Society: listed and non-listed companies, investment funds, banks, proxy advisory firms, NGOs, non-financial rating agencies, civil society groups, scientists, academics, experts, …

The benefits of membership include having access to high-quality and innovative services and to an active community – enlightened by experts and experience-sharing.  A community that “co-builds” the answers of tomorrow.

Members share the same objective: they are looking to build ESG solutions with the trust and support of a network of other members.

So as to ensure a high-level organizational commitment to ESG principles, ESG Lab & Society relies mainly on the support of business leaders.

We offer 3 types of membership.