“Co-building” workshops

ESG Lab & Society

Through an approach of co-building, we organize tailor-made workshops in a confidential environment to quickly solve ESG-related issues that a member of ESG Lab & Society is facing.

A 6 step-approach to move forward fast:

  • Identify the issues within the organization (several meetings set up to write down the guidelines).
  • Bring in members of the ESG Lab & Society ecosystem: experts (lawyers, consultants, academics), scientists, peers, NGOs, investment funds, non-financial rating agencies, civil society groups, etc., to offer perspectives and share their experience about ESG-related situations.
  • Prepare the workshop with all the participants.
  • Decide on the format and duration of the workshop.
  • Ensure that participants actively engage during the workshop
  • Create together a road map for action decided during the workshop and ensure follow-up.

Become a Member

All stakeholders in the ESG ecosystem can become Members of ESG Lab & Society: listed and non-listed companies, investment funds, banks, proxy advisory firms, NGOs, non-financial rating agencies, civil society groups, scientists, academics, experts, …

The benefits of membership include having access to high-quality and innovative services and to an active community – enlightened by experts and experience-sharing.  A community that “co-builds” the answers of tomorrow.

Members share the same objective: they are looking to build ESG solutions with the trust and support of a network of other members.

So as to ensure a high-level organizational commitment to ESG principles, ESG Lab & Society relies mainly on the support of business leaders.

We offer 3 types of membership.