ESG Lab & Society presentation by Aurore Bardon

Aurore Bardon is a lawyer and has worked in major international companies where she had to bring together different ecosystems on many occasions. She also learned about ESG from inside the reactor core, at TotalEnergies. Now it’s time for her to make changes from the outside world and accelerate transitions everywhere.

In the Spring of 2021, she eagerly started her own project and created ESG Lab & Society, a company that reflects her personality and beliefs: friendly and warm, authentic and sincere where every community can interact and evolve with confidence in an environment of trust.

The ESG Lab & Society results from the work of different people and groups involved in the ESG ecosystem who have eagerly accepted to commit to an innovative approach of “co-building” and share the same findings:

  • Beyond being a tool for financial analysts to help evaluate the non-financial performance of a company, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is currently a powerful means by which to transition the economy into a more sustainable, collaborative, inclusive and involved in society.
  • The shortage of our planet’s resources and the environment should be at the heart of a company’s strategic thinking. Economic actors have to think differently in order to anticipate the likely evolutions and ruptures to come.
  • ESG must become a competitive asset in order to thrive in the long run.
  • ESG is also a way of giving purpose back to organizations and stakeholders, a way of redefining values and a way of living better together and building a better world for tomorrow. In that model, companies must become protagonists and offer solutions.
  • Even though good financial health stays essential for a company, the ones that do not take this turn are risking: financial issues, HR crises, their reputation, legal issues, their ongoing viability.
  • ESG stakeholders do not or barely know or work with each other and too often work independently.
  • Meeting in institutional structures does not usually encourage open minds and therefore does not help build trust or create common solutions.

Until now, there was no place where the whole ESG ecosystem could gather and ”co-build” solutions while creating lasting relationships.

This is an emergency! The ESG Lab & Society is looking to help organizations – in all sectors – accelerate their transition to this new model. For this to happen, we need both a practical and enthusiastic approach with a collaborative dynamic.

ESG Lab & Society is both a place and a community that specializes in accelerating the transition of organizations to a more sustainable model, one that is more respectful of people and the planet.

ESG Lab & Society enables members to connect, share experiences and collaborate with each other, as well as with experts, as they “co-build” and promote an Environmental, Social and Governance strategy.

The participation of organizations in the ESG Lab & Society, through an annual subscription, must be supported by the CEO as a guarantee of taking into account ESG issues at the highest level.

Aurore has surrounded herself with a great team and talents representing different stakeholders in the ESG ecosystem.