Seafood industry: the next investment catch?

The seafood industry plays an essential part in the balance between biodiversity & ecosystems, and social & economic dynamics. It offers growth potential and plays an important role in feeding a growing worldwide population.  Despite its importance, the seafood industry is disproportionaly small in terms of market cap relative to its Blue Economy sector peers. […]

ESG, an “enhanced” vision of the company’s purpose, by Laurent Toutain

Laurent Toutain has joined Aurore Bardon as member of the ESG Lab & Society Mission Committee. He shares his vision of ESG, which for him is like “an enhanced vision” of the company’s purpose. He also discusses the role of the ESG Lab & Society, which, by offering a space for neutral meetings with multi-stakeholder […]

Nicolas Mottis interview : Set a course and objectives to integrate ESG issues

Nicolas Mottis, professor at the Ecole Polytechnique, specialist in sustainable finance and Member of the ESG Lab & Society Strategic Committee, shares his vision of ESG and talks about his commitment with the ESG Lab & Society. Transition challenges are not limited to global warming Nicolas Mottis emphasizes that the challenges of transition are major […]

Intensifying companies’ ESG performance integration, by Lise Moret

Lise Moret, Member of the ESG Lab & Society Strategic Committee, shares her vision of ESG and the role of the ESG Lab & Society. ESG performance: obtaining concrete evidence that the company is orienting its strategy and business model to integrate ESG risks. The acronym ESG literally stands for Environment, Social and Governance and […]

Interview of Charles-Edouard Vincent, Lulu Dans Ma Rue founder and CEO

How can we create a more inclusive society without leaving too many people on the side of the road? Charles-Edouard Vincent, member of the Strategic committee of ESG Lab & Society, Founder and CEO of Lulu Dans Ma Rue, shares his vision of ESG and more particularly of the social/societal pillar that is particularly important […]

Charlotte Gardes interview, Chair of the ESG Lab & Society Strategic Committee

Charlotte Gardes shares her vision of ESG and her commitment with Aurore Bardon as the Chair of the ESG Lab & Society Strategic Committee. The ESG pillars The urgency is to take into consideration the 3 pillars of ESG (environment, social/societal and governance) as a whole at their true value: a sustainable and resilient economic […]

Insights on ESG by the Mission Committee President of the ESG Lab & Society

Jacques Maigné, former CEO of Hutchinson and President of the Mission Committee of the ESG Lab & Society, shares his very pragmatic point of view on ESG and the role of the ESG Lab & Society in this landscape. The health crisis and its economic repercussions are rich in learning. They have initiated, or accelerated, […]

ESG Lab & Society presentation by Aurore Bardon

Aurore Bardon is a lawyer and has worked in major international companies where she had to bring together different ecosystems on many occasions. She also learned about ESG from inside the reactor core, at TotalEnergies. Now it’s time for her to make changes from the outside world and accelerate transitions everywhere. In the Spring of […]