ESG Lab & Society

ESG Lab & Society

A place, a community

ESG Lab & Society offers high-quality and innovative services to the leaders of organizations.

ESG Lab is a place that prioritizes small groups meetings in order to create an environment of trust and to ensure efficiency and confidentiality during dialogue.

ESG Society is a community of women and men who are committed to ESG , the exchange of ideas and experiences, eager to learn from different types of content and who make the community react and interact.

By focusing on communicating about transition themes, ESG Lab & Society encourages organizations to change.

Our purpose

As a socially committed organization, we serve a purpose.

As a company with a mission, we wrote it in our by-laws:

“ESG Lab & Society is both a place and a community that makes trust and dialogue their top priority to create solutions adapted to their clients’ needs, all with a common objective: accelerate collectively the transformation of organizations to a more sustainable model.”


A physical place (location pending) that stimulates dialogue and action in an environment of trust:

  • A welcoming place: to serve its purpose, ESG Lab and Society is a simple, warm and friendly place in the heart of Paris and has all the assets to create a collective dynamic.
  • A place that cultivates trust and guarantees total confidentiality. It prioritizes small group meetings in order to establish an environment of trust and stimulate purposeful dialogue while keeping it confidential.
  • A neutral place: the neutrality of the place allows members to meet and broaden their perspective while preserving their individuality.
  • A place open to the world: the first venue will be based in Paris, the capital of climate finance, and we plan to open other venues in different locations to develop an international community.

ESG Society

A community dedicated to the actions and interactions mainly through in-person meetings but that also works virtually:

  • A solid editorial policy based on our values
  • A media, an ESG planet that offers rich and diverse content on our platforms to allow members to watch, listen and exchange ideas and opinions.
  • An interactive website exclusively for members
  • A podcast with interviews of celebrities


We wish to apply our values of Trust, Solidarity, Sincerity and Enthusiasm in our mission of “Co-building” a better future: one that is more sustainable, inclusive, collaborative, civic and more respectful of the environment.

Co-building” is the main concept of ESG Lab & Society. It is about bringing together people who never or rarely have the chance to communicate so that they can share new ideas and generate change within their organizations. Co-building is therefore a way of accelerating transitions.

Become a Member

All stakeholders in the ESG ecosystem can become Members of ESG Lab & Society: listed and non-listed companies, investment funds, banks, proxy advisory firms, NGOs, non-financial rating agencies, civil society groups, scientists, academics, experts, …

The benefits of membership include having access to high-quality and innovative services and to an active community – enlightened by experts and experience-sharing.  A community that “co-builds” the answers of tomorrow.

Members share the same objective: they are looking to build ESG solutions with the trust and support of a network of other members.

So as to ensure a high-level organizational commitment to ESG principles, ESG Lab & Society relies mainly on the support of business leaders.

We offer 3 types of membership.